Social Conventions
Life in Libya is regulated fairly strictly along Islamic principles; in general, Arab courtesies and social customs prevail and should be respected. Women do not generally attend typical Arab gatherings; In religious buildings and small towns, women should dress modestly. Beachwear must only be worn on the beach. Smoking is common and codes of practice concerning smoking are the same as in Europe

All nightclubs and bars have been closed. There are several cinemas in major towns, some showing foreign films. There are no theatres or concert halls

Souks in the main towns are the workplaces of many weavers, copper-, gold- and silversmiths and leatherworkers. There are numerous other stalls selling a variety of items including spices, metal engravings and various pieces of jewellery.

Arabic (which must be used for all official purposes), with some English or Italian. All road, shop and other signs are in Arabic. English is normally understood by people working in hotels, restaurants and shops

Sunni Muslim


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