Ptolemais; the city was founded in the 3rd century B.C and was a port for the City of Barce, Ptolemais became capital of the province of Libya Superior in the time of Diocltian and Capital of the Pentapolis around the 5th century A.D.

The Site present itself in a very modest way, however its very interesting and romantic,is beautifully situated alongside the Mediterranean, and the Greek port of Apollonia benefits from an even more picturesque location: the theatre, carved out of the rock-side, enjoys the most dramatic situation overlooking the blue waters of the Mediterranean. there are Museum which host some of Ptolemais monuments like the 4 season mosaic and the fountain of the 8 dancing Menadi, move to the site where we find the remains of the Arch of Constantine 311-312 A.D , the Columns Palace the most famous building in Ptolemais dated between the 2nd 1st century B.C with an area of 37x164 m (6000 sq m ) from which you already admired the mosaic of the Medusa during your visit to the Museum.

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