Benghazi is Libya’s second-largest city, located on the Eastern edge of the Gulf of Sirt. Far more commercial and less aesthetically pleasing then Tripoli, Benghazi is nevertheless a popular tourist spot due to its close proximity to a number of beautiful beaches. Ras Alteen is a nearby beach with pristine white sands. It has recently been the location of an amazing archaeological discovery where Greek and Byzantine graves from a colossal underwater city were recovered. Other historical sites include the battlefield of Tobruk, 140km east of Ras Alteen, and the town of Cyrene, 245km east of Benghazi. The lush forested range of the Green Mountains is easily reached from Benghazi and Ras Alteen and is a great area for walking. A suspended cave named after the apostle Mark, who was thought to have been raised in the Green Mountains, can be found in the Marcus Valley.


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