Ancient Apollonia, which was Cyrene’s port for a thousand years and its ruins form an essential part of the whole archeological complex, originally constructed by the Greeks when they began to develop their naval merchant fleets, modern Sousa was founded in 1897as a colony of Muslim refugees from Crete and there is a decindely non African strain apparent in its population. It was extensively rebuilt in the Italian occupation as a port for a coastal shipping

The first important monument to be encountered is the Extra-Mural Church, only a corner of the outer walls of this church is visible. The church is remarkable for the traces of a triple apse – Triconchos- surviving in the cactus garden at its east end, the Hellenistic City Walls of Apollonia are well preserved through their landward course, continue toward The Theatre which lies immediately outside the eastern rampart, it is of a Greek type and of Hellenistic date; but it was remodeled under the Emperor Domitian 92-96 A.D, another monuments are the three churches Western, eastern and Central built around the 6th century.





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